GLX Shows Support for Ukraine Crisis

At the end of February this year, Russia invaded Ukraine. Whilst we, as a small live events company can't do a great deal to directly assist, we have worked with local authorities to light their buildings in glorious Blue and Yellow, the colours of the Ukrainian flag across the local area.

Above, we lit the Buckinghamshire Council HQ's Gateway building in Aylesbury, Bucks for 2 nights. One evening was covered by the BBC Oxfordshire team as they broadcast live from the area.

Alongside this, we were asked by Bicester Town Council, another long standing client of ours to light their HQ in Garth Park, Bicester, Oxfordshire. This installation will stay up until the end of March 2022 to show their support for Ukraine.

We feel it's important to do what we can within our power to spread a message and to raise awareness of important issues where we can. Aside from this, our directors have personally donated directly to the Ukrainian Government too. See what you can do by following the links below: